Car Park Lighting control

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 Car Park Lighting Control

24/7 Lighting

Lights in car parking buildings are expected to be on for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Conventionally design of these types of building has made utilising standard commercial lighting controls difficult despite the potentially high level of energy savings.Now with low energy solid state led lighting and wireless control technology the power consumption of car parks can be slashed while significantly reducing maintenance and outage issues.

New Technology

The latest technology in motion detection facilitates the seamless integration of low energy led lighting to create  robust and reliable lighting controls  even in these challenging environments.

Safety + Energy Savings

Lighting controls in a car park can be set up so that when a person or car is detected the lights turn to full brightness.

After a pre-set time, once no further movement is sensed, the lights can either dim to 10% for example, or a percentage of the light fittings may switch to off, leaving sufficient lights to provide constant low level illumination so safety of customers is not compromised, but returning to full illumination when once more a person, or vehicle is detected.

Lighting controls such as these can provide significant savings in energy and costs, particularly when used with energy efficient lights.

IP rated sensors

As standard, we choose to use system units that are IP rated as suitable for outdoor use, and have PIRs suitable for low temperatures if required (even down to minus 30°C).