Factors contributing  to led life expectancy

Heat sink

The heat sink is responsible for conducting heat away from the led chip .A quality heat sink is constructed from alloys that distribute heat evenly and quickly away from the led chip .Its not hard to stick an led on a  piece of cheap alloy and call it a light fitting.But if the led is running much above 50deg its life will be significantly compromised .

As Lighting Guru says” Keep me cool and we will light you up long time”

Led chip

There are many copies of the top brand led manufacturers  and there are also many genuine chips which are installed badly inside cheap fittings.A quality led light fitting is a sum of many parts and thousands of hours of testing research and careful construction

Led driver and parts

If you increase the temperature  of the capacitor inside an led transformer driver by 10deg you are reducing its life by 50% .So you can see why combing a genuine led chip with a quality heat sink is important .You can soon kiss good by the promise  of 50,000 hours  your lucky if you get 20,000