How can we help

How we can help optimise your lighting project

Electrical lighting contracts

Its hard enough doing the install work, preparing quotes , picking up material and keeping your customers happy.So let us take care of the lighting.


lighting contractor

  • Recommend best fit replacement leds  for old halogen HPS incandescent and CFL  fittings.
  • Source unique fittings for unusual applications.
  • Assist with lighting lux plans
  • Prepare energy-saving reports
  • Come to your  site to demonstrate
  • Provide case studies for reference
  • Provide samples to show your clients

 Site Manager

As a site  manager of an industrial building you will be aware of problems caused by  inefficient equipment  resulting in high maintenance costs expensive downtime and excessive  power costs.
Replacing old lighting (sodium, metal halide ,fluorescent) fixtures with the latest energy-saving lighting from Megaled Lighting is a very effective way to improve on site working conditions.
calculate your lighting needs
  • We can help you install the latest energy-efficient lighting solutions on your site which will allow your business to:
    • Improve working conditions – Improve  light  levels in key working areas to raise  staff productivity, health & safety standards.
    • Reduce maintenance – Greatly reduce the expense for lighting system maintenance (hiring of lifting equipment for lamp changes.
    • Lower energy bills – reduce energy consumption of the existing lighting by up to 70%
    • Environmental benefits – Stay ahead of  environmental regulations and the need to reduce business carbon footprint
    • Quick payback – Get a complete return on investment in 1-2 years