Led Neon Flex lighting

Neon Flex Lighting

Megaled neon flex lighting adds subtle brilliance to forms that are easily missed.Robust elegant and easy on the eye led neon flex lighting  is easily installed with ip68 rated connectors suitable for continuous exposure to sun salt  and ultra violet.

Installed to illuminate Hotel foyers and upmarket boutique stores where  customers and guests appreciate a relaxing  warm atmosphere .Megaled neon flex comes in  flat and round profiles to enhance and maximise lighting effects .Available with RGB  light colour changing control options if your looking  to change the mood at the push of a button and bring the party to life  the Megaled neon flex  is the answer.

Megaled Flex Presentation

  •  Flexible
  • waterproof
  • impact resistant  5j
  • chlorine resistant       tested
  • salt water resistant     tested
  • Ultra violet tested
  • installed in major civic projects world wide
  • dimmable
  •  RGB colour changing options
  • suitable for creating robust modular solutions
  • excellent for creating light sculptures and accenting building profiles organic forms and natural features for landscape lighting