How efficient led lighting helps your business

How energy efficient lighting helps your business

  • Inefficient  lighting in a large commercial or industrial building can be responsible for up to 70% of the onsite electricity usage
  • The savings made by new energy efficient lighting is typically the single biggest cut in electricity consumption (and carbon footprint)  with every cent saved contributing directly to net profit
  • As a financial investment, energy saving lighting provides a quick ,guaranteed return – 12-24 months is common, with less than 12 months being possible
  • There are many indirect financial benefits including reduced lighting maintenance costs, better productivity improved working conditions, avoiding financial penalties of new stringent environmental regulations etc…
Further environmental benefits…
An investment made in energy saving lighting provides a very strong message – customers & supply chains increasingly need
 to see businesses taking Corporate  Responsibility & climate change seriously .

Further operational benefits
An investment in new energy saving lighting technology should improve working conditions and reduce the cost/disruption of maintenance (up to 5-10 years between lamp changes) .
 Its easier to Save money than it is to make money so it makes simple common sense to upgrade your inefficient power hungry light fittings to the low maintenance led alternative