26 Jan 2015
January 26, 2015

Lighting Colour rendition

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 Lighting colour rendition

Warm white  2700-3000k

Warm white emitting light fittings are  commonly installed in areas where we relax. As the description suggest a warm light is conducive for a restful state of being and is good for lounges dinning rooms and bedrooms or in commercial environments like restaurants hotels and bars  .Warm light greys off colours of furnishings

Neutral white  4000k

Neutral white emitting light fittings provide a good balance between the warn and cool white giving a cooler crisp light without the stark quality of cool white /Commonly used in household lighting applications and good for kitchens bathrooms laundry and work areas

Cool white  5700-6000k

Cool white emitting light fittings are most often used in areas where excellent colour rendition improves the perception of detail and assists in enhancement of product colours.

Cool white is used in retail and commercial lighting applications for outdoor floodlighting sports lighting and high bay lighting .