Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

 Indoor Swimming pool lighting


MegaLED’s extensive range of LED flood light systems and products offer superior performance, and we have the evidence to back it up. Each of our case studies shows how Megaled LED flood lights have enhanced lighting quality and distribution, energy-efficiency, and overall user experience. Each also proves how innovative and modern lighting

Trent Bray Swim School

Megaled flood lights significantly reduced ambient temperatures, electricity consumption, and carbon footprint. With this new lighting system, swimming coaches, students, and

Trent, a Commonwealth swimming medallist and now swimming coach businessman, runs the Trent Bray swim school in Central Auckland. He is a man who appreciates excellence and will make the extra effort to ensure his clients and staff are comfortable.

The Problem

High ambient temperatures were being experienced in the indoor facility in Summer months. The combination of heat transmitted through the roof plus the heat from the pool and 400w halide lights combined to make the swimming instructors and visitors uncomfortable.

The Goals

  • Reduce the high operating temperatures being experienced in the facility during summer months
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce carbon footprint


High power Megaled 128 piece 10,500 lumen tunnel lights + Phoenix compact floods . This reduced the heat emission from 43 to 20 degrees, and reduced the power consumption from 400W to 150W per fitting.


  • Total power savings over life of led fitting – $12,057
  • Total reduction in carbon –                             7 tonnes
  • Total saving per unit –                                        $3012

Swimming instructors can now spend more time poolside and experience less stress due to less overheating and less dehydration.

In 2010 we looked into replacing our 9 x 400 watt metal halide lights with Led lights. Or primary concern was the heat coming from the halides in summer made it very difficult to keep out environment at our desired temperature. Other benefits were the power savings and not having to get an electrician in to continually replace the bulbs due to their very high placement. Although we went from 400 watt halides to only 150w Led lights the lighting coverage was better in our view, offering not such a harsh light as with the halides. Since installing them we have noticed we are able to keep our environment temperature at our desired state, we have noticed a reduction in power costs and the lights have been untouched since being installed. All in all it is exactly what we were wanting. “Trent Bray ”

I would recommend Steve and Megaled products if you are looking for  a reliable power saving led  flood light solution.

Trent Bray