Down light 10-20w


Down lights 10-20w

A simple effective elegant recessed down light   lighting solution with integrated driver and smooth dimming .This led downlight is proving a very popular first choice for a wide range  domestic and commercial lighting projects.


    Model   Cut-out        Watts  Beam Angle   Lumens  Price
   54-3-10W   Ø90-100mm         10W        90°   840-910lm $23.50 inc gst
   54-4-13W   Ø110-120mm         13W        90°   1000-1100lm
   54-6-16W   Ø150-160mm         16W        90°   1400-1530lm
   54-8-20W   Ø180-190mm         20W        90°   1700-1840lm