Led Batten




Megaled Linear batten

The perfect lighting solution for replacing old fluro battens. Ideal for lighting upgrades where maximum efficiency and easy to install fitting is required .Available in surface mount  or with suspension kit


  •  Colour  Neutral white(4K)                                  Colour  Daylight  6k
  • Power 40W                                                            Power 40w
  • Lumen Output: 3800lm                                       Lumen Output: 4000lm
  • 1200L x 80W x 65D                                              1200L x 80W x 65D
  • End Caps: 18mm knockouts                               End Caps: 18mm knockouts
  • UGR Rating: <19                                                   UGR Rating: <19


  • Power 60W                                                        Power 60W
  • Lumen Output: 5700lm                                   Lumen Output: 6000lm
  • 1500L x 80W x 60D                                          1500L x 80W x 60D
  • LEDBATTEN 60W4K 5ft.                                  LEDBATTEN 60W 6K 5ft.
  •  Colour Neutral  4k                                          Colour Neutral  6k