Led Neon Flex Lighting

Led Neon Flex Lighting

Features: High brightness Led Neon light
Light source SMD5050 LED
first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC materials
Dome surface,continuous and uniform illumination, no LED dot or dark spot.
Environmentally friendly and energy saving
Continuous Lines of Smooth Uniform Light

  •  Full Lighting Solution with Wide Viewing Angle
  •  Bends Against the Line of Light
  •  Transparent Ends for Unlimited Run Lengths
  •  No Tool Easy Push-to-Fit Connectors
  •  Wet Location Rated
  • Minimum bending diameter: 12cm

Easy to install, can be cut and reconnected (connection accessories available )
Protection Rating IP68

(All joints and connectors must be hermetically sealed to achieve IP68)

Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor architectural outline decorations, walkway and park guiding-line lighting system, and landscaping .Ideal for bridge, sculpture, building contour, and billboard fringe illuminating decoration.The built in diffuser eliminates led spotting and eliminates glare to create  subtle effects and add accents and ambience to natural landscape and architectural features.

LED Super-FlexRibbon


Mega led Neon Flex lighting

Column lighting supplied by Megaled

Megaled Neon Flex

Versatile safe and Robust T>V studio lighting

Article No. Meg-MR-F21B-D24V
LED Type SMD 5050
Material PVC-Ivory White
Working Voltage DC24V
Rated Power / mtr 12W
LED Qty/mtr 60LEDs
LED Distance 1.67cm
Min. Cutting unit 6LEDs
Min. Cutting length 10cm
Max. Connection 20mtr
IP Rating IP68
Dimension 11.5mm*26mm


Project example

THe Oak room