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Lighting of walls and ceilings

There are a number of parameters for lighting of wall and ceilings:

■ Walls above the working plane should receive at least 50% of the work plane illuminance.

■ Ceilings should receive at least 30% of the work plane illuminance. (LG7, however, recognizes that where ceilings are low then 20% may be a more realistic target).

These performance criteria cannot be met for a normal open plan office using downlighters alone. It is therefore necessary to specify luminaires capable of direct and indirect illumination, or to supplement a down-lit scheme with wall-washers and probably uplighters, with their attendant additional costs. The figures are recommended targets rather than absolute requirements or even normative values. In many cases they are difficult to achieve with confidence and there is scope within the declaration of conformity for the lighting designer to state the reasons why the design does not fully comply.

■ A well-lit office environment is conducive to physical comfort in addition to enhanced productivity.

■ Badly-lit environments can lead to a feeling of discomfort, eye strain, inefficiency and high levels of absence and staff turnover.

■ The latest architectural luminaires offering direct and indirect lighting can assist in achieving a well-lit environment and meet the standards at reasonable cost. The initial cost premium over basic downlighting will be recouped through productivity gains, and by obviating the need for supplementary lighting with the associated ongoing costs.


Part Number

Colour Temp.

   Dimensions     Lumen   Power
     (mm)         (lm)     (W)



295*1195*14 Up: 800     Down: 2000 45



295*1195*14 Up: 900 Down:2100


MG-P-45W-PW-UD 6K 295*1195*14 Up: 1000 Down:2200