Round panel lighting








round panel

Round Panel Lighting


– Diameter 580mm*15mm
– Modern, stylish and Innovative design
– Uniform light output
– Up/Down Lighting Optional
– Anti-Glare UGR19 Optional
– Transparent Optional
– White/Black/Silver finishing available
– Durable with life span over 50,000 hours
– 5 Years Guarantee
– Simple and convenient installation
The innovative large round led panel  combines the efficiency of the latest chip technology with a simple elegant form .Options including
either downward or up and down illumination to brighten  ceiling surfaces .

Rnd panel example


PartNumber Power(w) Lumen(lm) Colour Temp K Dimensions(mm) BeamSpread
MG-P-40W-R60 40 3400 3k/4k/6k D580*15 mm 120°
MG-P-40W-R60-UD-TP 40 ↑1700 ↓1700 3k/4k/6k D580*15 mm Up/Down Transparent
MG-P-60W-UD-R60  60   5000 3k/4k/6k D580*15 mm  120°
MG-P-40W-R60-UD-TP 60 ↑2500↓2500 3k/4k/6k D580*15 mm Up/Down Transparent
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