Quality Control

Applies to our downlights,led tubes and  led panel

Highly Responsible QC Team

Our QC team with over 30 people are all with high responsibility.

Filtering of Raw Materials

Strict inspection will be carried out before raw materials go into the warehouse.

Advanced Production Equipment

Adopt Japanese brand equipment SMT, improve efficiency and strengthen the workmanship.

Precision Welding

Precise welding of the driver PCB insuring light fittings have stable output

Focus on Details

We focus on every details in production,each production process is based on ISO quality system requirements.

Driver Inspection

We develop and produce drivers by ourselves,with full driver production facilities .All drivers must pass the electrical parameters testing before putting into use.

12-24 Hours Aging Test

All of our products must age for 12-24 hours,including high voltage impact testing to make sure the stability of the products.

Laser Marking

Laser marking ,precise label on products, looks more professional. Customized label available.

Safe Packaging

All packaging shall pass the standard dropping test before delivery .Scientific design of the packaging helps to save shipping cost and assure safety during shipping.

Environmental Guideline

Companies to provide customers with excellent products and constantly improve their own behavior, regard environmental protection as its own duty. Actively improve and prevent pollution and damage to the environment, actively improve and protect the worker and enterprise’s promise to life and property safety to protect human survival environment and sustainable development.

We are committed to:
1. Strictly abide by the laws and regulations, the establishment of environmental management system;
2. Effective control of environmental pollution, to protect environmental objectives;
3. Active prevention, energy saving and consumption reducing control waste reduction to save resources;
4. The propaganda and education environment policy, the implementation to improve the environment;
5. Guide joint efforts, the supplier is committed to environmental protection .