Retail lighting control

retail lighting



Today’s retail environments are all about enticing customers with a bright and inviting environment. Retail lighting controls, music and audio visual systems all play vital roles in establishing a store’s brand and attitude.Combine energy saving led lighting with a the right controls and you can save money and grab that much needed attention  at the same time.

Lighting Control

A mix of localised light control as well as master control may be required in the design for your retail lighting controls. In restrooms and storerooms sensors are the ideal solution to ensure lights are not left on unnecessarily. In larger stores or retail centres daylight harvesting can provide further energy savings.

Energy Saving Controls

The use of commercial energy saving controls can have significant impact on the bottom line. The achievement of just 10% savings in energy use can boost profit margins in a supermarket by 6%. Similar results can be achieved in other types of retail stores.

Audio-Visual Technology

Retailers know how much music influences customers’ shopping habits. Multi Zone Audio is a discreet way of providing background music to various areas of the store. It can also be integrated into a fully automated network, allowing a simple button press to activate your music, audio-visual displays, screens, and retail lighting controls, all at once.

Your Name in Lights

A sunset switch can be used to keep your name lit up all year round and also assist with security. Sunset switches turn on automatically when natural light falls below a pre-set level, then switch off again when the sun comes up.