“We waited until night to give you feedback, so we could also see how good the lights were (wondered how bright it would be) – and they are fantastic. I’ll certainly be buying more.”

– Anne and Peter Hamilton

“The LED floodlights I am using now are compact, sturdy and were easy to mount & connect. They provide immediate, full-strength white light. When I work with powertools, the brightness makes my work area safer.”

– Ben Wingaart

“In early 2015, we had a look at a few vendors for domestic downlights. Out of what we compared, MegaLED had a reasonable price, reasonable warranty, and a good-looking design. MegaLED was the obvious choice. Whatever MegaLED stocks, you can be sure that it’s good.”

– Jordan Ling

“In 2010 we looked into replacing our 9 x 400W metal halide lights with LED lights. Our primary concern was the heat coming from the halides in summer made it very difficult to keep out environment at our desired temperature. Other concerns were having to get an electrician in to continually replace the bulbs due to their very high placement.

Since installing them, we’re able to keep our temperature at our desired state. We’ve also noticed a reduction in power costs, and the lights have been untouched since being installed. Although we went from 400W halides to power-saving 150W LEDs, the lighting coverage was better, and the light was less harsh. This is exactly what we were wanting.”

– Trent Bray Swim School

– Ron Winter Sea Side Lab

NB: These testimonials have been edited for clarity & brevity