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Who in business today can afford to burn money? Yet that’s what happens every day! Every light left on in an empty warehouse or unoccupied part of the factory, results in wasted watts of energy that could have gone to the positive side of the balance sheet.Nows the time to upgrade your led lighting and increase savings by another 25% utilising lighting controls

Commercial Energy Controls

Only simple steps are needed to ensure your operation is making the most of energy supplied when you need it, and minimising its use when you don’t! Commercial energy saving controls are definitely a worthwhile investment in the profitability of your business.

Using Daylight

Allow us to show you how your warehouse lighting control system could take advantage of available natural daylight through windows and skylights. Does ALL the warehouse need to be permanently lit? Are common areas ALWAYS occupied? Do your security lights need to be PERMANENTLY ON all night?

Sensors for Energy Saving

Let us explain how sunset switches and motion sensors could be used to switch the lighting on ONLY when needed. With the escalation costs of power, your return on investment for warehouse lighting control will be sooner than you realise Try our energy savings calculator for an estimate of savings that can be made.

High Bay Warehouses

We’ve been involved in the design and installation of warehouse lighting control systems for numerous high bay warehouses incorporating a number of zones. Natural light from the warehouses’ skylights has been utilised through 2-stage dimming control.

This has allowed lighting to be reduced to 50% or turned off dependent on the natural light level. Such a system can result in savings of up to half of the energy costs of a standard lighting fit out.

How old are your light fittings?

Consider for a moment how old the light fixtures are in your building. If more than 10 years old, those lights are adding more to your overheads than you may realise. Huge advancements have occurred in recent years in the technology of lamps, electronic control gear and lighting reflectors.

Retrofit Solutions

As well as our involvement in the design/implementation of lighting control in new buildings, we are always happy to advise on what can be achieved in a retrofit warehouse lighting control situation in existing buildings.

Funding your Project

In some cases government funding is available to assist with an energy saving initiative, it is also possible to lease the new energy saving lights and warehouse lighting control system, and finance the project from the reduced power costs, rather than the stretched CAP-EX budget.

Just give us a call on 09 392 0090 for a chat about your current situation and how commercial energy saving controls may help.